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Epikyklos company introduces a complete hotel renovation program. It supports the entrepreneur in implementing his vision at all stages of the process.

In the modern online era, the image of the room is the main advertising tool of the tourist product. Renovation of the hotel and the presentation of a modern image of spaces and services has direct profitability.

The 6 standard rooms are ready-made priced solutions that have been designed on the basis of a standard 20m2 twin room layout. They are priced separately in the chic and lux categories. In each of these categories there are three different design directions, urban, country and island. The offered costs include full study, construction and equipment.

The standard rooms have been studied at application level, with specific design choices and predefined objects. These suggestions are indicative as they provide an original architectural design for each project incorporated in the construction cost.

The company Epikyklos covers, in addition to the modernization of the rooms and any other need for construction in the interior and exterior of a tourist building. Through an affiliate network, the entrepreneur is provided with additional services, subsidy, corporate identity, energy upgrading and certification.

Design & Construction

The company «Epikyklos» through the pre-stressed hotel renovation packages offers integrated solutions for the upgrading of tourist accommodation at both design and construction level. Experienced collaborators of the company undertake the elaboration of architectural design in full harmony with the requirements of the entrepreneur. The study guarantees a perfect aesthetic and technical result, the uniqueness of the design and the guarantee for full compliance with the current legislation on tourist accommodation.

The company’s technical staff ensures the quality of construction through tight schedules that allow the businessman to plan his activities. The smooth development of the project is achieved through an online system of recording the progress of all stages of the project to which the hotelier has access at any time through an application.

The road to success is known to the company Recycle. The thorough study and proper implementation leads to a proper construction which in turn always leads to a successful business operation.

Equipment & Lighting

The company Epikyklos through a complete network of partners offers each package solutions for hotel equipment and lighting at the most competitive prices. The cost savings it has secured in conjunction with the aesthetic directions and advice provided by the scholars guarantee modern tourist units that follow the latest trends in design in the field of tourist accommodation. The equipment and lighting included in the priced packages fully meets the operational needs of each room and has the potential to be enriched according to the needs of the owner.


The integration of the renovation or construction of a tourist accommodation into a subsidy program (NSRF, Development Law) is another service offered by the company Epikyklos through the organized network of its partners. Knowledge of the terms of integration into the financial programs and the consistency of the construction process with the rules guarantee the disbursement of the approved financing. The company Epikyklos in collaboration with supports the enterprise modernization venture.

Corporate identity

The process of renewal of a tourist accommodation or the creation of a new accommodation does not end with the completion of construction works. Corporate identity, the way it is communicated to the public, and the way the business highlights its features are elements of a major business strategy and strategy. Employees of the company Epikyklos undertake to compose the visual and verbal elements that complete the corporate identity and make the business stand out from the competition

Energy upgrade

A very important element of the renovation of a tourist accommodation is also its energy upgrading. The company Epikyklos has a construction department with certified EUROPA products that can upgrade the building energyfully. Our privately-owned window manufacturing facility gives us the flexibility to be able to cope quickly with the most demanding projects.

Consumption in heating, air conditioning and hot water for the operation of a tourist business can be minimized by installing heat pumps. In cooperation with Daikin, our company offers comprehensive engineering solutions for new construction or adaptation to existing facilities.


According to the current legislative regime, the basic requirement for the validity of the Special Functional Symbol (TSM) of a tourist accommodation is the acquisition of the Classification Certificate. This is granted by the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce through the collaborating control and certification bodies.

The company Epikyklos completes the process of upgrading a tourist accommodation in cooperation with an accredited institution from the National Accreditation System (ESYD). We offer the Classification Certificate and organize the whole construction process in such a way that the company meets the specifications and Aggregates the required number of molecules based on the optional rating criteria.

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