– Fast 10-day home renovation –

- Specifications -

Architectural Proposal
  1. Space surveying
  2. List of customer needs and desires
  3. Architectural proposal layouts-financial offer
  4. Kitchen and bathroom 3D visualizations
Authorization procedures
  1. Issue of building permit
  2. Acquisition of registry member in Social Insurance Institution
  1. General Demolitions
  2. Materials removal
  3. Daily cleaning of public spaces
Plumbing installations
  1. New plumbing installation with  TALOS copper coated tubesMaterials removal
  2. New sewage system
  3. New general and angular switches  heavy type/drain grates/traps
  4. Plumbing fixtures , faucets and accessories
Electrical Installations
  1. Inspection of current electric panel
  2. New electrical installation in kitchen area
  3. New electrical installation in bathroom area
  4. Legrand switches and sockets
  5. Electrical appliances installation
  6. Doorbell mounting in the front door
  1. Designer kitchen furniture up to 8 linear meter
  2. Layout and material selection with the help from experienced architects
  3. Wide range of Bakelite doors
  4. HETTICH door dampers and regulators
  5. HETTICH door hidden hinges
  6. HETTICH metallic drawers with breaks
  7. Wide range of eco countertops 4-6 cm
  8. Counter back tiles
  9. FRANKE stainless steel sink
  10. Sink faucet from European factories
  11. Stainless steel sink cabinet bottom
  1. Design and complete bathroom renovation
  2. Wall and floor covering with tiles from factories certified by the European Union
  3. Bathroom furniture with wash basin or build counter with recessed wash basin
  4. Mirror
  6. Built in or porcelain shower or cast iron bathtub
  7. Shower cabin with safety glass
  8. Wash basin, shower and bathtub faucets from European factories
  9. Complete set of bathroom accessories
  10. Material selection from the client
  1. Coloring in all renovated rooms
  2. Triple coating with eco colors KRAFT, CHROTEX or VIVECHROM
  3. Wall coloring proposals
  4. Free choice of colors
Addition/subtraction of materials or construction works
  1. Addition/subtraction of materials or construction works